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I might have forgiven you, Jeff. Except that you didn’t skip over Malia’s mental development in order to more fully delve into her story or her struggles or, god-forbid, the plot. Nope, you skimmed over what ought to be a full on handicap in order to sexualize her and use her as the cherry popper for one of your precious boys like the misogynistic douche that you are. :)

Oh, Boy.


His breathing is so loud it drowns out the thump of bass from the floor below.

Stiles can’t— It’s been fucking months. Months of So, Derek… we’re in the same lab group, huh? And: hey, if you’re interested, I’ve got a bunch of  resources on Schwartz’ field work I could go over with you, in my dorm room, where my roommate is definitely out of state for the weekend. Not to mention: soooo Derek I was thinking, uh I don’t really fully understand what Professor Fallon was getting at in the last seminar, think you could shed some light on it for me? Over coffee?

Derek Hale is the most brain-stewingly hot science nerd Stiles has laid eyes on in his entire nineteen years of existence. And he’s met a lot. A lot. Even Jenna Montgomery from space camp in eighth grade, who was the owner of the first boob Stiles ever touched has been eclipsed by Derek No You Can’t Try On My Glasses Hale. Derek I Stroke My Stubble When I’m Doing Complicated Calculations Hale disagrees with Stiles on pretty much every theoretical debate opened to the floor, develops a stutter when he’s astounded by someone’s perceived stupidity and remembers your pizza topping combination despite hearing it only once when ordering in for group study sessions. Stiles didn’t stand a chance.

Derek is also the most oblivious.

Did he mention months? Stiles has never been commended on his subtlety. His dad joked once that there would never come a time when he’d get the wrong birthday gift, since he all but published a coupon in the local paper for whatever it was. So Stiles knew it wasn’t something lacking on his end. However, Derek I Must Not Have Been This Hot In High School Hale had innocently rebuked every single one of Stiles’ come-ons with replies like yes I know I was there when they called out our group members and I have the internet and library access too, Stiles and Lydia said I could read her notes -you can have them after I guess.


So. Stiles had resorted to doing things the old fashioned way: keg party and Usher.

Hey, it worked.

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For the fans who’s time, effort, and passion for the show was ridiculed by Jeff Davis and the cast by reading their fanfics, mocking their hard work and love for the characters they portray, it’s time we say enough.

For the fan who asked the cast the innocent question…


# I wanted so much more for this # Allison growing up and becoming a deputy # using her status to protect the people of beacon hills # having the sheriff as a mentor # getting closer to stiles when they go to work together # imagine # deputy argent and deputy stilinski # partners # beacon hills super secret supernatural cops # sent out on all the weird calls the sheriff gets # perpetually on the night shift # I’m getting carried away # but come ON # fucking give it to me! (by summerchild-madeofstone)

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"We have amazing new cast members so even just to bring another person into the mix- we have two with us today (Shelley Hennig and Dylan Sprayberry)- it completely changes the energy of a comic con" *

Wow you mean the fans you spent the whole con dissing werent fawning all over you guys?

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Super sneaky national geographic worthy photos of tyler hoechlin who is on my plane right now

I can’t confirm what it was but I can confirm that he was rocking out and dancing in his chair and mouthing along to it

Look at me look at me. Moderately famous actor!Derek Hale—who hates being bombarded by fans—going “incognito” to catch his flight back to California. He wears his favorite, worn out sneakers and glasses and the stupid jacket with the perpetually popped collar that Lydia forced him to buy bc it was in style. He even puts on the baseball cap he hates for Christ’s sake.

And then you have visiting his grandmother who lives out-of-state!Stiles Stilinski doing a double take when he spots Derek-freaking-Hale sitting in the isle across from him. He’s wearing a terrible-terrible disguise. Seriously? Who isn’t seeing through that? But Stiles sort of just grins to himself bc yeah. It’s pretty endearing. As is the way the actor steps on his own feet like he’s a puppy whose paws are too big for his feet and mouths along with whatever music he’s listening to and is really nice when someone does recognize him despite the fissure of annoyance Stiles can see in his posture.  

And when they get on the plane, it turns out they’re actually seated next to each other. (Stiles’ grandmother had upgraded him to first class despite his protests.) Derek’s in the window seat, staring resolutely out like maybe Stiles won’t notice him. Stiles considers just pretending, letting Derek believe in his own horrid attempts to go unnoticed. It’s kind of a long flight, though, and the dude is going to get a crick in his neck if he holds it like that for too long. 

So Stiles sort of just relaxes his head against the seat and rolls his gaze lazily in Derek’s direction. 

"You’re kind of horrible at being incognito, you know that?" he tells him with a grin. 

Derek sags a little like he’s accepting his defeat and turns, face filled with a sort of forced pleasantry. “Looks that way, yeah. Did you—did you want a picture or something.”

And Stiles is like, “Nah man. Just figured I’d break the ice so you didn’t have to keep your neck all turned like that. You’d probably strain a muscle or some shit.”

It makes Derek smile a little, tension draining away as if Stiles has pulled the stopper that was keeping it brimming and tepid in its basin. 

He really plans on letting it go too, letting Derek take a nap or read a book or watch a movie on his iPad. But then Derek’s actually trying to engage him in conversation, and they end up talking through the entire flight, voices raised to be heard over the sound of the engines.

Derek is different than he expected. He’s sort of sassy and stoic and smart as a fucking whip. And maybe Stiles find out that he’s from an area near Beacon Hills and that his family still live there and, “Maybe we could get coffee while I’m there.”

Romance happens, of course.

Also banging. Definitely banging.

"We had this christmas tree and one time we were having people come over and Hoechlin picks up the christmas tree and he starts bringing it into his room. Me and Posey were like ‘What are you doing?!’ He’s like, ‘We’re having people over, I’m moving the tree into the room so it doesn’t get damaged.’ And I was like, ‘It’s not going to get damaged, what are you talking about, we’re not going to touch the tree.’ And he’s like, ‘Alright, you just gotta promise that you don’t break the tree.’" — Dylan O’Brien 

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"What?! Who’s this little guy? I do wanna say hi but it’s gonna take up time that we don’t have for the interview." - Dylan fascinated by interviewer’s baby

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We could have had it all… https://twitter.com/tifferini/status/492434575713636352/
So, who’s writing the AU where the name plates weren’t moved?

OMG they actually moved them? This is just too fucking much.


We could have had it all… https://twitter.com/tifferini/status/492434575713636352/

So, who’s writing the AU where the name plates weren’t moved?

OMG they actually moved them? This is just too fucking much.